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Automatic Umbrella Bagging Machine
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Automatic Umbrella Bagging Machine Kasapon
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Niikura Scales Co.,Ltd.
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Automatic Umbrella Bagging Machine
Kasapon will help create a pleasant environment on a rainy day.
Very Easy and Fast
Can be bagged with one hand
Is done quickly and does not stop the flow of people.
Children and elderly people can use it as well.
Makes service better and brings good reputation to users.
Keeps the floor clean and avoids slipping accidents
Protects customers' clothes and handbags from getting wet and dirty.
Protects products and displayed items from getting wet and dirty from rain water.

Helps prevent slipping accidents from rain water.

Does not require electricity. Therefore there is no worry about short circuiting or tripping on cords.
Compact design that does not take up a lot of space
Even placing several Kasapon machines together does not take up much space.
Subdued colors do not interfere with the appearance of the building.
Small and light so anyone can move it easily.
Does not require electricity so it can be placed anywhere.
Economically helpful and good after-care service
One machine can hold a maximum of 2000 umbrella bags.
Refill bags can be easily installed. One bundle consists of 200 bags.
Refill bags can be installed without moving the machine
One year warranty and good after-care service.
No worries about trash after usage
The Kasapon bag is made out of polyethylene which does not let out toxic gas and can be treated as burnable garbage.
The Kasapon Line-up
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Kasapon KP-96
Kasapon KP-99
Kasapon KP-99CB
Kasapon KP-03GS
Umbrella Bag Remover KK-01
Umbrella Bag Remover KK-02
Kasapon Catalog
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Kasapon Product line-up
Kasapon KP-96 Kasapon KP-99 Kasapon KP-09SS
Standard type with maximum 2000 bag set Slim type machine that can fit in cramped places. It stores a maximum of 600 bags. From now on, normal umbrellas and foldable umbrellas can be easily bagged.
【New Product】  Kasapon KP-12TS Kasapon KP-99CB Kasapon KP-51KK
The first automatic umbrella bagger for foldable umbrellas in the world! Slim type machine KP-99 with garbage bin. It stores a maximum of 600 bags. This Kasapon has the function to collect bags easily. You push a wrapped umbrella in to the collecting machine then pull it!
Kasapon KP-03GS Umbrella Bag Remover KK-01 Umbrella Bag Remover KK-02 (only a few left)
A cover comes with it and can be used as just the garbage bin. It can be used in any weather condition. Garbage bin and umbrella bag remover together Umbrella Bag Remover
Umbrella bag for Kasapon refills, 2000 bags Umbrella bag for Kasapon refills, 4000 bags Foldable umbrella bag, 2000 units (For KP-09SS and KP-12TS)
This umbrella bag can be used in various Kasapon models This umbrella bag can be used in various Kasapon models KP-09SS and KP-12TS, Bags only for foldable umbrellas
National Patent Number 2562806
Patented in the United States of America, Taiwan, China, South Korea, six countries in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong
Registered for Designs and Trademarks around the world
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